There are 3 categories of products on the market for skin that are classified according to the FDA:

Cosmetics –  which can be brought online and on the high street
Medical products – which can only be prescribed by a doctor
Cosmeceuticals – which are stronger than cosmetics but not enough to be classed as medical. They are only available to purchase through a trained skincare professional via a face to face consultation in a salon or clinic.

For a product to fit into this category it has to physically change the skin rather than just improve it’s appearance. Physically changing it could include controlling sebaceous gland activity, stimulating collagen production, reduction of melanin production and more..

The reason I work with Nimue out of all the cosmeceutical brands out there is because the products will penetrate the skin on their own without the need for electrical machines.
This makes it easier to see results quickly just by using the products at home.

Nimue Skin Treatments

The honest answer is ‘it depends’ There are many factors that contribute abnormal skin functioning and incorrect products is just one of them. In short, I have a 90% success rate with my own clients using Nimue products alone and 95% success rate when combined with professional treatments for the most persistent cases. Bring your current skincare with you to your consultation so I can see which ingredients you have already tried.
Clients will start using Phase 1 ( where I started ) which is Cleanser, conditioner, day cream, night cream and spf during daylight hours. This stage lasts 4 weeks and clients typically see at least 30% improvement during this time. Following 4 weeks, Phase 2 commences where one extra product is introduced every other evening under the night cream. This phase gives an additional 20% improvement over 2-4 weeks. So now a 50% improvement will be seen. Most clients will stop here unless the require further results. As mentioned, 10% of clients will want to see additional results where peels, micro-needling, LED Therapy or a combination of all 3 can be used for the ultimate result. This would mean around 12 weeks of treatment. Micro-needling and LED Therapy will be available at Tranquil Beauty in the future.
It’s impossible to give an overall cost as every client will have a slightly different treatment plan. Sometimes a client will start on the products ( around £25 – £50 per month ) and not need any other treatment. At present In salon treatments will range from £35 -£75 per session. Treatment plans and costs are given during your no obligation consultation.
Products are suitable from age 10. LED Therapy is suitable from age 16 and peels and micro needling are suitable from age 18.
Yes but you’ll need to desensitise with Nimue’s interactive range first before treating any other concerns e.g. acne or wrinkles. It will take longer to see results this way whilst on the interactive range
It depends which medication you are taking. As guidelines change frequently regarding antibiotic and tretinoin use, it’s important to book a consultation to get the most up to date advice. I will never advise you to discontinue a medical product that has been prescribed for you. If you feel as though your medication is not working for you, it’s important to seek your doctors advice before discontinuing and trying a different skin care
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