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I would like to start with my story…
March 2020 was the month we will all remember, as it was the month we went into a national lockdown in the UK due to Covid 19. 
I found my therapy room shutdown literally overnight, when the government had announced we had to close all areas of close contact services. 
I went into a spiral of mixed emotions as I saw my business I worked so hard for to build up shutdown. 
I had zero income coming in. I couldn’t reopen until August 2020
I quickly discovered with training, that online skin consultations and product sales kept me afloat in lockdown. 
But that wasn’t enough as I knew I needed another form of income incase I had to closed again or unable to perform treatments in later life. 
That’s when I was introduced to the business from a client of mine, I knew about the business from her the previous year. But I didn’t do anything about it as I thought I don’t need it, It’s not for me. 
How foolish had I been! I read over all the information and researched the company thoroughly. Then my second business was launched in July 2020 but this time, all online! 
I made some sales and hit my first target I’d set for myself for a couple of months. Then in September and October, with belief in myself that I could do it, as well as backing my commitment with ACTION! I hit my second target with my sales.
My customer base was growing.
I was receiving excellent customer reviews, my customers loved the products! I loved the products! This shone through in my posts. 
Then November, we hit lockdown once again.. that was when I really took this business seriously and I started to build a team! Helping others like myself who wanted to build a better future for themselves and their families. 
It was working! I helped my team achieve their targets they set for themselves within one week of joining that took me 1 month to achieve! 
One of my team members started to grow a team too and they ALL achieved their first target within the month too. 
My team were then hitting their 2nd targets within one month that took me 2 months to achieve! Everyone was receiving commission on products and a nice little bonus from the company too! 
The same happened in December when my first team member reached her 3rd target. It was amazing and I love watching my team grow and achieve. 
I can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes them all….


Are you looking for a fresh start in your life? 
Are you fed up with your job and looking for a work from home business that you can build alongside your job so you can eventually replace that income and quit your job?
Maybe you are like me, you love your career but don’t want to give it up, but want to earn a second income incase you are unable to work due to illness or to supplement your pension for later life to enjoy your retirement to the full? 
Maybe you’re already retired but just looking to supplement your pension for the future? 
Maybe you just want to earn an extra £50 – £100 per month to top up your wages? 
Are you a parent wanting to build a business for yourself around school hours? 
Do you want to start your own business but don’t know where to start? 
Maybe you have others reasons for wanting to earn an extra income? 
Are you driven, self motivated, have ambition, over 16 years of age, and have aspirations and goals for your future? 
Are you passionate about working alone as well as part of a team? 
Are you willing to learn and go the extra mile to build a business around your full time commitments? 
Would you like to know more about this opportunity working alongside myself but in your OWN business, earning your OWN money? 
You don’t need much time in the day to build it as it’s all built around everything you do. But you will need patience, persistence and have backbone not wishbone to make it happen. 
Does this sound like you? Then I would love to hear from you to see if this opportunity is what you’re looking for. 
As an ethical and legal Trading Scheme we confirm: It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. 
The promoter of FM World opportunity in the UK is FM Cosmetics UK Ltd, Unit 28, Metropolitan Park, Taunton Road, Greenford UB6 8UQ
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